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Wine: Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume

Winery: Domaine des Baumard

Region: A.O.C. Quarts de Chaume (Loire Valley, France)

Vintage: 2005

Varietal: Chenin Blanc (overripe and botrytized)

Vinification: Vines of 35 years, manual harvest with a specific selection to have only the best grapes.

Alcohol by volume: 12,5%

Price: 28€ (375ml)


Quarts de Chaume is a highly respected sweet white wine appellation of the Anjou district in the western Loire Valley of France.

This wine it’s a great find! Sweet, elegant, sexy, unique,…

Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume


This chenin of the Domaine des Baumard has an intense golden yellow color, very shiny. Dense in the glass with abundant tears.

In nose is intense and attractive, over-ripe white fruit notes, pear and melon with caramel and floral touches in an elegant background dominated by notes of botrytis.

When we taste this wine we have a good entry with a round acidity, persist overripe fruit notes in the unctuous palate with a fresh citrics touches. It has a long nice finish!


I drank this wine with this song…




Wine: Belondrade y Lurton

Winery: Belondrade y Lurton

Region: D.O. Rueda (Spain)

Vintage: 2009

Varietal: Verdejo

Vinification: Barrel fermented wine and aged for 10 months in french oak on the lees.

Alcohol by volume: 13,5%

Price: 23€

This verdejo is one of my favourite wines, the winery Belondrade y Lurton made a good job!


Belondrade y Lurton 2009 has bright golden color with straw-colored reflections.

In nose has a high aromatic intensity. It offers fruity aroma of peach and apricot with mineral and spicy notes that give it complexity. The oak touch is nicely integrated!

When we taste this wine we have a good and attractive entry, with a fresh and creamy palate. Persist the ripe fruit, highlighting the peach, with spice and toast hints. It has a long finish that invites drink another glass.

It’s simply pair this wine, you only need a good company!

Wine: Bosque de Matasnos

Winery: Bodega de Mata Asnos

Region: D.O. Ribera del Duero (Castilla León)

Vintage: 2010

Varietal: Composed of 95% Tempranillo and 5% Merlot

Vinification: Aged for 12 months in new barrels 90% French oak and 10% American.

Alcohol by volume: 15%

Price: 23€

Thanks to Tomás Postigo, former winemaker from Pago de Carraovejas, today we have here a wine that promises, Bosque de Matasnos!

The vineyard to made this wine is located 950 metres above sea level, ensuring slow but perfect ripening of the grapes.


BOSQUE DE MATASNOSBosque de Matasnos has an bright cherry color with some garnets reflexes. Has an abundant and slow teardrop.

In nose it’s a clean wine with nice aromatic intensity. It offers an intense aroma with notes of ripe red fruits, cherry and berries. Also has mild toast and spices notes, in an attractive background with vanilla. The wood is perfectly integrated.

When we taste this wine we find a warm and pleasant entrance, with notes of mature berries and plum. Round palate with nice sweet tannins and light toast notes of nuts. Long, sexy and very nice ending.

Today I pair the fantastic 2010 Bosque de Matasnos with good company!


This wine surprised me a lot, I think it can improve a lot yet in bottle, simply fantastic!

Marta 2009

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Vino: Marta

Bodega: Canals Canals

D.O.: Cava (Catalunya)

Añada: 2009

Varietales: Macabeo, Xarel·lo, Parellada.

Vinificación: Cava elaborado a partir del mosto flor de cada una de las variedades autóctonas de la D.O. Cava, con una crianza de más de 24 meses en botella.

Grado: 11,5%

Precio: 11€ aprox.

Ramón Canals nos presenta su nuevo cava, Marta!

Es un cava hecho con mucho cariño donde se ha cuidado al máximo hasta el último detalle, tanto en la elaboración como en su presentación al consumidor.


Marta 2009 es un cava de color amarillo pálido, muy brillante y con burbuja fina.

En nariz es atractivo, es una mezcla de frescura y complejidad, notas cítricas y fruta blanca con tostados y recuerdos más maduros de la crianza.

En boca tiene una buena entrada, suave y elegante. Paso cremoso dónde persisten las notas de fruta blanca con cítricos y algún recuerdo de frutos secos, burbuja muy bien integrada. Final muy agradable y largo que invita a tomar otra copa.

Hoy tomaré Marta 2009 con unas ostras!

Malajambota 2008

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Wine: Malajambota

Winery: Port-Selva Viticultors

Region: D.O. Empordà (Catalonia)

Vintage: 2008

Varietal: Composed of 50% Grenache and 50% Syrah.

Vinification: Aged for 16months in French new oak barrels.

Alcohol by volume: 14.5%

Price: 13€

In the unmistakable landscape of Cap de Creus, Malajambota retrieves a vineyard with almost 600 years old that already in 1460 producing quality wines being recognized for its finesse and perfume of ripe fruit. Recovered these vineyards and sandy subsoil slate floor, embraced by the north wind, the sun and the Mediterranean climate are treated with great care in the tradition of our ancestors so they can enjoy their palates.

Malajambota 2008 has an pillorying cherry color with some granets reflections. It’s clean and bright, has a slow teardrop.

In nose it’s a clean wine with good aromatic intensity. It offers an intense aroma of good ripe red fruits notes, plum, cherry and raspberry. Also has toast and spices notes, remembering black pepper and cinnamon. All in a mineral and smoky background.

When we taste this wine we find a broad and pleasant entrance, where notes of mature berries. Wine round in palate, with nice acidity and memories of fruit and mineral notes, all with the special and fresh Emporda tannin.

Today I pair the 2008 Malajambota with veal with mushrooms.

Heretat Navàs 2009

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Wine: Heretat Navàs

Winery: Can Navàs (Serra d’Almos)

Region: D.O. Montsant (Catalonia)

Vintage: 2009

Varietal: Composed of Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, with predominance of grenache and carignan, the indigenous varieties.

Vinification: The wine is aged for 10 months in French oak barrels of different toasted, followed by a small rest and maturation tub until bottled.

Alcohol by volume: 14%

Price: 9€

I discovered this wine the last week and I think that it’s an example of nice job!

Can Navàs, from Serra d’Almos dates beyond the beginning of the eighteenth century. It’s documentated  from the year 1724 and related to wine aspects, from 1854. Under the leadership of Jaume Navàs starts at that time an intimate relationship with the world of wine, which was continued  by his son Josep Navàs from 1896. Later in 1935, Teresa Navàs  takes the reins of Casa Navàs.

Already in the twentyfirst century, Can Navàs is still producing quality wine, the grapes of Heretat Navàs are entirely hand-collected, being able to select at any time the required and desired qualities. It’s made by its heirs and the under the D.O. Montsant.

Heretat Navàs 2009 has an intense pillorying cherry color with some violet reflections. It’s clean and bright, has a slow teardrop.

In nose it offers an intense aroma of good ripe red fruits notes and jams with balsamic sensations. Also has toast and species notes, all in a mineral background.

When we taste this wine we find an opulent wine, pleasant entrance where persist the ripe fruits. Wine broad in palate, with round acidity and memories of fruit and balsamic notes in a mineral bottom.

Today I pair the 2009 Heretat Navàs with beef sirloin.